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Karonte - Bendita Hipocresía
Promo Track: Karonte - Diferencia Impuesta Label: Whisper Producciones - whk.7-011 Format: Tape, Demo Released: 1998 Genre: Death Thrash Metal Tracklist: 01 Cobaya 02 Cuánto Más? 03 Diferencia Impuesta...
6,00 €
Nebelkrieger - Asaland
Promo Track: Nebelkrieger - Cirith Ungol Label: Eclipse Of Live Promulgation - EOLP 035 Format: Tape, Demo Released: 2006 Genre: Black Metal Tracklist: A01 Midgards Feuer A02 Winterblut A03 Runentanz A04...
4,00 €
Balfor - Волки Севера
Promo Track: Balfor - Otec Pobed Label: Eclipse Of Live Promulgation - EOLP 031 Format: Tape, Demo Released: 2005 Genre: Black Metal Tracklist: A01 Smert' Lodbroka A02 Ragnarok A03 Otec Pobed B01 Bitva...
3,00 €
The True Beltron - Aflame The Candles
Promo Track: The True Beltron - Schwertweihe Label: Fog Of Eternity Records - F.O.E.mc001 Format: Tape, Demo Released: 2002 Genre: Black Metal Tracklist: 01 Aflame The Candles (Intro) 02 Schwertweihe 03...
3,00 €
Afterdeath - Behind Life
Promo Track: Afterdeath - Fortune Label: Guardians Of Metal - GMR 012 Format: Tape, Demo (Repressed) Released: 2017 Genre: Thrash Metal Tracklist: A01 Intro A02 Digital Horizons A03 Afterdeath A04 Heart...
6,00 €
Abigail - Live At Grind Freaks In Nagoya
Promo Track: Abigail - Violence, Kill And Destruction Label: Black Bunker Format: Tape, Live Released: 2015 Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Punk Tracklist: A01 Metal Evil Metal A02 Metal Bitch Inferno...
4,00 €
Sanguinary Misanthropia - Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis
Promo Track: Sanguinary Misanthropia - The Geist Of Satan Sears Through The Flesh Impure Label: Lost Wisdom Recordings Format: Tape, Full-Length Released: 2011 Genre: Black Metal Tracklist: A01 Sanctification...
3,00 €