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MISS CADAVER is a project from Arruda dos Vinhos, a village on the outskirts of Lisbon, and was born in September 2009. They released a homonymous demo in 2010 with four songs, in 2011 released the album “Death To Fado” with 13 songs, in 2012, the EP “Machines & Corpses” with six songs and in 2017, the second album “Mänifestvm Raivus” with 13 tracks and the EP “Bastard World” in 2019 with four tracks. These are the original releases. In addition to these, there is the Digipak CD reissue of “Death To Fado” in 2015 and the CD-r (limited to 50) “Music For a Funeral of a Country and the World” in 2018 that brings together the first three MISS CADAVER editions/tapes.

Founded by Ruy (MACHINERGY, BAKTHERIA, CISNE NEGRO, COMMANDO, BICÉFALO, IMUNITY, D2A2N), here in front of the whole composition and instruments (except drums), it comes after the end of COLUNA DE FERRO, an anarcho-punk band from near Lisbon, where he played guitar during their short existence (eight months). Soon after the end of CxDxFx in January 2009, and feeling the need to continue the strong message and in Portuguese, quickly composed four songs for the debut demo-tape “Miss Cadaver”, released in 2010 by Degradagem Recs.

In 2011 comes the debut album “Death To Fado”, released in partnership with Fukk That! Records and Anoise Recs in a professional tape format. Composed of 13 songs (12 originals and a version of “Phobia For Change” from the British band Doom), “Death To Fado” marks a notable evolution in terms of composition, more diverse and edgy, but with their ever-present basic influences: Doom, Ratos de Porão, The Exploited, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Simbiose (PT), Censurados (PT), among others.

In early 2012 is released the split-tape “Machines & Corpses” with the Portuguese friends Konad and in a partnership with Mountain Goat Productions. Six new songs always pointing the finger with an approach a little more aggressive and faster than the previous songs but never forgetting the sense of melody and simplicity.

In November 2012 it is released “MUSIC For a Funeral of a Country and the World”, a compilation that gathers the first three tapes from MISS CADAVER in the quite prolific period between 2010-2012.

By the end of 2015 is reissued on CD digipack in a partnership with Fatsound Productions, the album “Death To Fado” (2011) with new artwork and liner notes. The cover remained the same as the original tape.

After several years of composition and maturing of ideas, in 2017 MISS CADAVER return to the long-play recordings with a new album. “Mänifestvm Raivus” marks a return to strength and a breakthrough in terms of composition, lyrics and, most important, final production/sound. The mixing and mastering were assured by Paulo “Paulão” Vieira (F.N.I., Ironsword, Perpetratör, etc.), materializing, in the best way, the ideas of Ruy. The final result is overwhelming, translated into potent sound, eared choruses and phrases that stand! The lyrics always carry a message of truth and, above all, determination and self-esteem. A manifesto of struggle and nonconformity, visually complemented by the incredible artwork of André Coelho, one of the most creative Portuguese illustrators. The album is dedicated to João Ribas (Censurados) and Rui Rocker (Crise Total).

In December 2018, the CD-r “Music for the Funeral of a Country and the World”, which brings together the first three MISS CADAVER editions/tapes, is released by Belzegore Productions. This is an edition limited to 50 units and numbered by hand.

In 2019, an EP with 3 new original songs and a cover of Simbiose, seminal Portuguese crust band, is released. These songs are reminiscent of the recording of “Mänifestvm ...”, tracks that, at the time, were not included in the final alignment of the second album. “Bastard World” is Miss Cadaver's new son in 2019, the year the project celebrated 10 years of existence!



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